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Who am I?

I do web personalisation and A/B testing. Maybe I'm testing this content right now. I have spent almost three years in a high pressure start-up, handling demanding clients, competing deadlines, and constant change and growth around me; always exploring new ways to apply and improve myself to continue to grow to my potential.

From running my own company at university, I jumped with little industry experience into web development and, having moved through team management, became a product manager. I now plan out products and prioritise engineering time, keeping the team in touch with the wider business and the goals we are striving to reach.


A CV generator written over two of my long train journeys to University, with a web template thrown on top.


My dissertation - a HTML5 canvas world set within a multiplayer PHP game.


A sadly unfinished (the loss of the much more finished project taught me a lesson about backups) solar system generator.

What I do

What are these bar things?

  • Half full means I've either worked with it or studied it in the past, but I'm a bit rusty.
  • Thee quarters means I've used it recently or had a lot of experience with it in the past - either in work or personal projects.
  • Full means I know it very well, I'm almost certainly using it daily at the moment and will have been for some time.
  • 2017

    What I've done

    Qubit, London

    14/6/2014 - Present

    Product Manager01/01/2017 - Present

    Having moved to this role from a technical but commercially minded position, I was immediately set to work on investigating and improving the developer experience across the platform. As the team changed around me, within my first two months I took on the responsibilities of another product manager who had left, and stretched my skillset across a whole range of products and strategies that I was unfamiliar with.

    This role required constant energy and an ability to deal with pressure from many different internal stakeholders. I was constantly gathering information from clients and sales prospects as well as prioritising those ideas against our internal roadmap.

    Senior Client Engineer14/6/2014 - 01/01/2017

    In this role I led the Retail Client Engineering team, servicing several million pounds worth of contracts across a global client list. We used big data to analyse the market and personalise the web experience of very granular user groups, and aside from plenty of client facing experience I also implemented data tracking, site abandonment, social proof messages among many other personalisation technologies.

    When not writing Javascript or QA'ing others' work, I trained and helped to improve my team and plan around logistical and other painpoints to make sure that projects and deadlines were always kept to. Good time management, communication, and teamwork were absolutely key here.

    Steel & Steel Tours, Essex

    1/6/2012 - 1/6/2014

    Partner, Director of Research and Advertising, Web Developer

    A company created by myself and my brother where among other things I was in constant contact with prospects, and built and ran the website.

    Having appeared in the local newspapers many times and been described as a key part of tourism in the town, it was impossible to close down this business - after graduating, my brother took full ownership as I stepped out into the world of technology.

    MADD, Aberystwyth

    1/10/2012 - 1/8/2013

    CFO, Environment Modeller, Lead Web Developer

    In which I set up and managed a group of four students as a development team working on a procedurally generated dungeon environment game.

    Keeping the team enthusiastic was struggle, as well as making sure that everyone worked together, and I ended up building several rudimentary task management tools for the project.

    Technology Blogger

    1/2/2012 - Present


    I often write tutorials for pieces of software largely to advance my own learning and understanding of different pieces of technology. I have now taught over 4,000 people and have since seen them used for training by companies as far away as Thailand.

    Where I came from

    Aberystwyth University

    Web Programming and System Administration

    2:1 with a 1st for my Dissertation

    Java Programming, Web Programming, Database Creation and Management, Linux and Windows System Administration, and Major Group Projects

    Dissertation topic: HTML5 Canvas & PHP Multi-User Web Program with MySQL Back End


    Written, designed, and not printed by M. J. Steel Esq. of Waterloo, London.

    Copyright Anno Salutis MMXVI.